Herbal Treatment

Many discoveries across the world bear testimony to the fact that herbal remedies were used in medicine even as far back as during the existence of the cavemen in the era of the stone age. However, there has also been sufficient evidence to suggest that herbal medicine was practiced in one form or the other by almost every culture of the world. With the rise of modern medical knowledge and the manufacture of scientific tools and computers, herbal medicine was all but forgotten about for a few decades however until recent years. The discovery of the harmful effects of chemical drugs and treatments has surfaced fairly recently giving rise to a massive demand for the comparatively safer herbal cures.

Herbal Treatment Today people look for such treatments for a variety of ailments like they may seek herbal treatments for acne Rosacea, herbal cleansing, oily skin care, herbal anxiety treatment, alcoholism herbal treatment or herbal treatments for depression for instance. In that sense the scope of herbal medicine has widened tremendously in recent times. This is because herbal remedies offer an all-natural method of maintaining good health. However, whatever the nature of the herbal treatment you are undergoing, be it herbal treatments depression, herbal treatments for anxiety, faster growth hair herbal treatment or any form of herbal treatment at all, it is best to seek the guidance of a medical practitioner as well as a herbal specialist.

This is because contrary to earlier beliefs people can have allergic reactions to herbs as well, though these are rare or in some rare instances herbs have been seen to react adversely with components of allopathic drugs that the patient also uses. Herbs can be extremely potent and one must ensure that he or she is armed with sufficient knowledge about the herb and about how it may react within his or her body before starting on herbal medications.

The herb passionflower is often used in herbal medicine to cure anxiety, insomnia or hysteria and modern scientists have compared the effects of the herb to the effects of chemically potent drugs to cure the same ailments. However, in some cases, consuming passionflower can cause certain side-effects like nausea, drowsiness or even palpitations. This herb is not recommended for use by pregnant women or for people who may have a history of experiencing seizures. Anxiety may also be curbed by using aromatherapy oils with plant extracts. These oils can be used in bath water or as massage oils. Bergamot, cypress, geranium, jasmine and lavender oils are often used to offer relief from anxiety.

The St John's Wort herb has been seen to be helpful to combat depression. But for the best anti-depression treatments the patient must ensure that the product contains a large amount of the herb as opposed to consuming more diluted versions of herbal medicines.
Ginkyo Biloba is an herb that is associated with improving blood circulation. This attribute is believed to lend the herb the potential of helping with hair growth problems. Green tea is also believed to boost hair growth.


Herbal Supplements

Herbal medications have been gaining popularity steadily in recent years. This is partly because new studies have revealed the harmful side-effects and other health problems that can be caused by regularly using conventional chemical-based drugs. Many people react in an allergic way to preservatives, coloring or fragrances in chemical medicines and actual chemically created drugs have also been known to trigger off health problems in many cases. Since the modern consumer is wary of such health problems, more and more people are opting for herbal medicines and herbal supplements for health. This is because herbal supplements help you without causing such harmful effects.

Herbal dietary supplements supply the body with vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino or fatty acids. One is in need of a herbal nutrition supplement when one's diet does not provide all the nutrients that he or she needs on a day-to-day basis. Many people opt for herbal supplements rather than conventional vitamin supplements nowadays but before making that decision, an individual must consider what herbs have gone into the preparation, whether the concoction is suitable for one's health and one must always make this decision after consulting a medical practitioner and going over one's medical history.

Herbal Supplements Herbal supplements may come in the form of vitamins herbal supplements, herbal supplements for iron, Chinese herbal supplements or a variety of other kinds of dietary supplements. In many cases, such supplements may also contain active ingredients to alter the functioning of your body much like the ingredients contained in conventional medicines. One danger with herbal medicines is often the consumer is unaware of the contents of the drug as the labels are not clearly marked and may sometimes be in a foreign language. However, some details should be marked clearly. For instance, a standard herbal medicine label should mention the name of the herbal supplement, the weight or quantity of the item in the package, facts about the supplement like serving size and the name of the active ingredient and may also list other herbal ingredients. The name and address of the manufacturing company and distributor will also be printed on some part of the package.

Hence before you drop in at your neighborhood herbal pharmacy, be sure to check with your doctor about your plan to start taking any herbal medication. Occasionally, you can also find discount herbal supplements available at your local herbal pharmacy and in such cases you should enquire about the expiry date of the products just as you would for any other products before buying them. If you cannot understand what the label on the bottle reads or are not sure about some of the ingredients, always make these clarifications with an expert before starting on such medication.
To find good quality herbs:

  • Always look for standardized herbal medicines and supplements.
  • The bottle or package should ideally bear a seal from a government authority offering an assurance of its quality.
  • Only buy herbal products that are clearly labeled

Herbal Industry in India

The Ayurvedic industry in India is probably the oldest medical care system in the world. The history of herbs in ancient India is so old that the ancient form of herbal healing has even been mentioned in the Vedas, an ancient religious work of the Hindus. The Rig Veda, which is believed to date back to 3000 BC mentions the ancient practice of Ayurvedic healing, while the Atharva Veda classifies the field of Ayurveda into eight divisions, each dealing with a different part and function of the human body and its organs. In ancient times, it was therefore the Vedic Brahmins who performed this ancient form of healing using herbal plants.

Herbal Industry in India The ancient herbal healing methods of Ayurveda and Unani deal with the use of herbs and natural products to tackle health conditions. Ayurveda does not have a place as a perfect form of medicinal treatment in the developed world today but the ancient practice is still practiced by many Indians. In fact, due to the adverse effects of the components of many allopathic drugs, even people in the Western world have turned to Ayurvedic remedies for cures or at least to supplement their allopathic treatment with. Consequently, recent years have seen a great increase in the worldwide demand for herbal cures, herbal skin care products and even herbal cosmetics.

In modern times, the world has grown to appreciate this ancient form of medicine and consequently Indian herbal products manufacturers are benefiting from a tremendous demand for their goods. The herbal products industry India is growing rapidly and witnesses almost a thirty percent growth rate annually. There are also many scholars and students of medicine from other parts of the worlds who now want to learn more about the field of Ayurveda. However, even in olden times, scholars and medics from Greece, Rome, Tibet, Egypt and Persia had also been intrigued enough to make trips to India to learn about Ayurvedic medicine.

Some of the popular herbal products today are those that fit into a travel kit. Such travel kits do not contain complicated instructions or difficult to manage potions but rather contain basic herbal medications for minor cuts and ailments. Some of the basic contents of such an herbal kit would include Aloe Vera, which has been acknowledged as a 'miracle drug' the world over, ginger, garlic, peppermint, etc.

While herbal medicines would therefore appear to be new for Western healers and medical practitioners, the truth is that most prescribed medicines even today contain plant extracts. These plant extracts are thereafter fortified by combining them with pother ingredients. It is probably for this reason that even the World Health Organization has finally seen fit to endorse certain herbal medicinal care treatments. The World Health Organization now claims that such alternative herbal medical practices offer a relevant therapy. Although herbal medicines are still comparatively hard to obtain in America because of the rigid code of standardization the medicines must comply by in that country, other countries like Germany even have regular medical practitioners prescribing herbal drugs.

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Herbal Companies

With the increased demand for herbal products around the world, it is only natural for some of the demand to be steered to Indian herbal cosmetics dealers and suppliers as well as Ayurvedic product companies India. The herbal medicine industry in India is an ancient one and has its roots in Unani or Ayurveda, both ancient streams of herbal medical knowledge. However, in modern times, the ancient cures prescribed by medical practitioners are being demanded by consumers in easier-to-palate forms like in the form of pills, tablets and syrups or even in the form of herbal teas. There is also a great demand, not only for herbal medicines but an assortment of herbal products like herbal toiletries and herbal cosmetics and consequently the Indian List of Manufacturer and suppliers of herbal drugs has been growing rapidly.

Herbal medicines form all origins of herbal medicine whether they are traced back to TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Unani, Native American medicine or any other cultural roots, are all gaining popularity today. Each traditional field of medicine employs a different form of consuming the medication and hence Indian medicines components and forms will be very different from Chinese ones for instance.

Herbal Companies The key distinguishing factor that separates the top-of-the-line herbal products from the rest are: First of all the labeling - is the product adequately labeled with all the necessary information about the components and is there a printed expiry date on the label? Next, is the product manufactured by a well-known brand name? How long has the company been in the field of manufacturing herbal products? Thirdly, are all the quantities of the components listed on the label and does the package bear the seal of a certifying authority that vouches for the safety of the product?

Today Indian companies are responsible for the production of a vast variety of herbal Raw Material products and manufacturers also provide their products to big cosmetic brands. Therefore many Indian companies are fully capable of complying with the overseas grading system and Indian herbal medicines are being produced nowadays to meet International quality standards. Besides Indian herbal product manufacturers are also making a wide range of products these days which include herbal brushes and cosmetic products on one end and herbal powder treatments on the other. One can find herbal extract suppliers and manufacturers in the list below.

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