Herbal Tea

In recent years, people from all over the world have come to appreciate the medicinal value of herbs. Once dismissed as an inaccurate science, many scientists, patients and average consumers are now turning to this ancient form of healing for cures or even simply to maintain health and wellbeing. This is because of many reasons. For one thing, herbal remedies have been proven to be extremely effective in battling certain health conditions. Secondly, as these remedies are made using natural products, there is hardly any likelihood of experiencing side-effects from or developing allergies to the components of the medicinal brew. Finally, these herbal medicines are believed to offer long-term health benefits as opposed to temporary relief.

Herbal Tea Ancient herbal healing practices were once practiced in almost every part of the world but in China and India, the practices were chronicled and the practitioners' experiences recorded over the last three to five thousand years. In India there herbal healing methods are extensively dealt with in the Vedas, an ancient Hindu religious work. In China, there are records of herbal healing methods that date back to the era of the Han dynasty. In the West, Greece and Roman history books reveal the use of medicinal herbs in those civilizations whereas comparatively newer records show the prowess of Native Americans in the field of herbal medicine.

Because of the widespread demand for herbal medicines and supplements, these products are now available in a variety of forms that make them easier to consume. For instance herbal remedies are now available in the form of pills and tablets or syrups even. Many people prefer to consume herbs in the form of teas. Herbal teas were an age-old Chinese mode of medicating patients but now such teas including Chinese herbal teas are enjoyed not only for their health benefits but also for their flavor. In modern times, people have started to understand and appreciate the myriad herbal tea benefits and certain teas like anti diabetic herbal tea, pregnancy and herbal teas and herbal tea extract have become available throughout the world.

Since the demand for such flavored teas is rapidly increasing, modern herbal tea recipes employ different combinations of herbs to satisfy the palate as well as the medicinal requirement of consumers. Consequently there are many varieties of herbal teas available in the market today. For instance grapefruit tea, herbal chamomile tea and green tea are some popular versions of herbal teas that have great aromas as well as offer tremendous health benefits.

Some other varieties of herbal teas available today include the Neem leaf tea, Anise tea, which can be made from the bark of the Anise tree or its leaves, chrysanthemum tea which is often served with Chinese cuisine, roasted corn tea which is popular in Korea and also known as Okusu Cha, Echinacea tea which is believed to help relieve the symptoms of the flu and Hibiscus tea which is popular in Japan and the Middle East.


Herbal Supplements

Herbal medications have been gaining popularity steadily in recent years. This is partly because new studies have revealed the harmful side-effects and other health problems that can be caused by regularly using conventional chemical-based drugs. Many people react in an allergic way to preservatives, coloring or fragrances in chemical medicines and actual chemically created drugs have also been known to trigger off health problems in many cases. Since the modern consumer is wary of such health problems, more and more people are opting for herbal medicines and herbal supplements for health. This is because herbal supplements help you without causing such harmful effects.

Herbal dietary supplements supply the body with vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino or fatty acids. One is in need of a herbal nutrition supplement when one's diet does not provide all the nutrients that he or she needs on a day-to-day basis. Many people opt for herbal supplements rather than conventional vitamin supplements nowadays but before making that decision, an individual must consider what herbs have gone into the preparation, whether the concoction is suitable for one's health and one must always make this decision after consulting a medical practitioner and going over one's medical history.

Herbal Supplements Herbal supplements may come in the form of vitamins herbal supplements, herbal supplements for iron, Chinese herbal supplements or a variety of other kinds of dietary supplements. In many cases, such supplements may also contain active ingredients to alter the functioning of your body much like the ingredients contained in conventional medicines. One danger with herbal medicines is often the consumer is unaware of the contents of the drug as the labels are not clearly marked and may sometimes be in a foreign language. However, some details should be marked clearly. For instance, a standard herbal medicine label should mention the name of the herbal supplement, the weight or quantity of the item in the package, facts about the supplement like serving size and the name of the active ingredient and may also list other herbal ingredients. The name and address of the manufacturing company and distributor will also be printed on some part of the package.

Hence before you drop in at your neighborhood herbal pharmacy, be sure to check with your doctor about your plan to start taking any herbal medication. Occasionally, you can also find discount herbal supplements available at your local herbal pharmacy and in such cases you should enquire about the expiry date of the products just as you would for any other products before buying them. If you cannot understand what the label on the bottle reads or are not sure about some of the ingredients, always make these clarifications with an expert before starting on such medication.
To find good quality herbs:

  • Always look for standardized herbal medicines and supplements.
  • The bottle or package should ideally bear a seal from a government authority offering an assurance of its quality.
  • Only buy herbal products that are clearly labeled

Herbal Remedies

There have been enough discoveries all around the world to support the theory that man has been aware of the medicinal worth of plants since ancient times. The popularity of herbal medicine in ancient cultures of India and China are well known. However, the ancient Native Americans were also well-versed in the field of herbal treatment. This method of herbal healing was gradually perfected over time as herbal medical practitioners experimented and recorded their experiences with various herbs. Native American herbal remedies had a crucial role for maintaining the health and well-being of the population of Indian tribes. Native American medicine-men had thus created a variety of natural herbal remedies to treat many different ailments. For instance, Native American remedies also include remedies for complicated illnesses like there are herbal remedies for depression, herbal remedies for asthma, herbal remedies bronchitis,
herbal remedies for anxiety and also herbal remedies for blood pressure problems digestion problems.

Herbal Remedies As more and more information regarding the ill-effects of conventional pharmaceuticals surfaces around the world, the demand for herbal and natural cures keeps increasing. Today, herbal remedies are greatly appreciated and sought-after in the Western world. So much so, in fact, that even modern-day scientists and doctors have had to embrace the ancient field of medicine and many doctors now use alternative herbal cures to supplement their treatments.

Hence, Americans and people from all over the world have now started considering non-chemical options of medicine. One of the reasons why herbal alternative medicine is becoming the preferred mode of cure for many people around the world is such medicines are made from products and herbs that are found naturally in nature. Their ingredients are therefore completely natural and are usually both, non-toxic and side-effect-free.

Ancient Native American cures, like the Indian practices of herbal medicine were made from a variety of plant extract combinations at times. However, most of the Native American cures were purely plant based. For instance, the passionflower was used in concoction to cure insomnia, hyperactivity, tension and muscle cramps and injuries.
Herbs like sage were crushed to form healing pastes for cuts and bruises and were also used to treat conditions like an upset stomach. Extracts of the willow tree were believed to have several uses. Willow extract was used to treat pain, fever and a variety of stomach and digestive disorders. In addition, different Native American tribes used herbs in different cure recipes. For instance the Catawba Native Americans used a tea infused with Arnica roots to treat back pain.

Modern medicines now combine the use of modern drugs with the remedial benefits that Native American attributed to herbs. In such medicines, modern-day scientists and doctors have fused the knowledge of Western and traditional medicine by using the main or key herbal extract in medicine concoctions. In their pure form, these herbs and treatments can be purchased form Native American herbalists or even from other herbal pharmacies. To make them convenient for use, ancient Native American remedies also come in the form of pills or syrups these days.


Herbal Products

In India, herbal medicine and the knowledge of how to use herbal concoctions to cure and treat various ailments, has existed since ancient times. There are records of herbal medicine in the ancient Hindu works of the Vedas. People in India still employ these age-old techniques and remedies for healing although many prefer to use more modern methods of healing and supplement those with traditional cures for long-lasting effects. Herbal products are absolutely natural in that they are not made using any chemicals. Hence they can be used to promote health without endangering the patient at all. Such natural or herbal therapies are fast gaining popularity all over the world.

Herbal Products The Indian herbal form of healing may involve either Unani or Ayurvedic techniques. Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to herbal healing and consequently Ayurvedic herbal health products contain herbs that target not only the problematic area but provide relief to the whole mind, body and soul at once. Another important facet of Ayurvedic or herbal healing is that it does not solely rely on the use of medications to affect cure. In fact, Ayurvedic specialists would almost always recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to combat persisting health conditions. Therefore the object of this form of herbal healing is to achieve overall health over longer time periods rather than to simply cure the present problem temporarily. Hence, Ayurvedic medicine takes longer to work than conventional modern medicine does.

This is one of the disadvantages of using this age-old method of healing. But, despite this disadvantage, today, many Western countries are choosing this natural form of healing because of the lack of side-effects of Ayurvedic medicine as well as because of its proven ability to improve overall health over time. Another reason this form of medicine is gaining popularity is all the new information which has been surfacing in the field of medicine about the ill effects of conventional modern medicine. These reasons have led to a surge in the demand for Ayurvedic and herbal products from India and such items are being manufactured now in many forms to cater to the public demand. For instance, there are a variety of health products herbal supplements, herbal soap, herbal medications, herbal beauty products, herbal vinegar, herbal tinctures and a host of other herbal nutritional products that are currently available in the Indian market as well as overseas as these products offer health as an added bonus. Indian herbal product manufacturers now also enjoy the patronage of buyers of bulk herbal products like big foreign cosmetic and toiletry brands that attach their brand label to the herbal products manufactured in Indian companies.

Ayurvedic health treatments start at the very birth of a child. In that sense, specialists of herbal medicine would advise to-be-parents to undergo body cleansing before planning to have a baby. Such treatments are recommended for both the father and the mother. Such herbal detoxification programs are believed to boost fertility as well as contribute to the overall health of the fetus.