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With the increased demand for herbal products around the world, it is only natural for some of the demand to be steered to Indian herbal cosmetics dealers and suppliers as well as Ayurvedic product companies India. The herbal medicine industry in India is an ancient one and has its roots in Unani or Ayurveda, both ancient streams of herbal medical knowledge. However, in modern times, the ancient cures prescribed by medical practitioners are being demanded by consumers in easier-to-palate forms like in the form of pills, tablets and syrups or even in the form of herbal teas. There is also a great demand, not only for herbal medicines but an assortment of herbal products like herbal toiletries and herbal cosmetics and consequently the Indian List of Manufacturer and suppliers of herbal drugs has been growing rapidly.

Herbal medicines form all origins of herbal medicine whether they are traced back to TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Unani, Native American medicine or any other cultural roots, are all gaining popularity today. Each traditional field of medicine employs a different form of consuming the medication and hence Indian medicines components and forms will be very different from Chinese ones for instance.

Herbal Companies The key distinguishing factor that separates the top-of-the-line herbal products from the rest are: First of all the labeling - is the product adequately labeled with all the necessary information about the components and is there a printed expiry date on the label? Next, is the product manufactured by a well-known brand name? How long has the company been in the field of manufacturing herbal products? Thirdly, are all the quantities of the components listed on the label and does the package bear the seal of a certifying authority that vouches for the safety of the product?

Today Indian companies are responsible for the production of a vast variety of herbal Raw Material products and manufacturers also provide their products to big cosmetic brands. Therefore many Indian companies are fully capable of complying with the overseas grading system and Indian herbal medicines are being produced nowadays to meet International quality standards. Besides Indian herbal product manufacturers are also making a wide range of products these days which include herbal brushes and cosmetic products on one end and herbal powder treatments on the other. One can find herbal extract suppliers and manufacturers in the list below.

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