Herbal Remedies

There have been enough discoveries all around the world to support the theory that man has been aware of the medicinal worth of plants since ancient times. The popularity of herbal medicine in ancient cultures of India and China are well known. However, the ancient Native Americans were also well-versed in the field of herbal treatment. This method of herbal healing was gradually perfected over time as herbal medical practitioners experimented and recorded their experiences with various herbs. Native American herbal remedies had a crucial role for maintaining the health and well-being of the population of Indian tribes. Native American medicine-men had thus created a variety of natural herbal remedies to treat many different ailments. For instance, Native American remedies also include remedies for complicated illnesses like there are herbal remedies for depression, herbal remedies for asthma, herbal remedies bronchitis,
herbal remedies for anxiety and also herbal remedies for blood pressure problems digestion problems.

Herbal Remedies As more and more information regarding the ill-effects of conventional pharmaceuticals surfaces around the world, the demand for herbal and natural cures keeps increasing. Today, herbal remedies are greatly appreciated and sought-after in the Western world. So much so, in fact, that even modern-day scientists and doctors have had to embrace the ancient field of medicine and many doctors now use alternative herbal cures to supplement their treatments.

Hence, Americans and people from all over the world have now started considering non-chemical options of medicine. One of the reasons why herbal alternative medicine is becoming the preferred mode of cure for many people around the world is such medicines are made from products and herbs that are found naturally in nature. Their ingredients are therefore completely natural and are usually both, non-toxic and side-effect-free.

Ancient Native American cures, like the Indian practices of herbal medicine were made from a variety of plant extract combinations at times. However, most of the Native American cures were purely plant based. For instance, the passionflower was used in concoction to cure insomnia, hyperactivity, tension and muscle cramps and injuries.
Herbs like sage were crushed to form healing pastes for cuts and bruises and were also used to treat conditions like an upset stomach. Extracts of the willow tree were believed to have several uses. Willow extract was used to treat pain, fever and a variety of stomach and digestive disorders. In addition, different Native American tribes used herbs in different cure recipes. For instance the Catawba Native Americans used a tea infused with Arnica roots to treat back pain.

Modern medicines now combine the use of modern drugs with the remedial benefits that Native American attributed to herbs. In such medicines, modern-day scientists and doctors have fused the knowledge of Western and traditional medicine by using the main or key herbal extract in medicine concoctions. In their pure form, these herbs and treatments can be purchased form Native American herbalists or even from other herbal pharmacies. To make them convenient for use, ancient Native American remedies also come in the form of pills or syrups these days.

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